Exercise is both good for the brain and body...and with this year, it’s important to keep those two things healthy.

We know it’s a weird time for everyone right now. Places are closing and opening back up every other weekend, and our normal routines have been altered. If there’s one thing we do know though, it’s that exercise is both good for the brain and body…and with this year, it’s important to keep those two things healthy.

Whether your local gym has opened back up for inside or outside workouts, or you’re still working out at home, we have some tips to stay motivated for the gym.

Tip #1

Set a Goal

And stick to it. It’s easy to set goals that are overwhelming, so pick a small goal that’s easy to hit. Start off small with something along the lines of making sure to work out at least three times your first week. Then slowly increase it as you feel more comfortable. Having something to work towards is a good way to motivate yourself to get moving.

Tip #2

Add a little competition

Sometimes competing against other people with similar goals can be fun. Have a friend or relative you haven’t seen in awhile? Use apps or your smart watches to make working out a friendly competition with them. Or if you are able to get into the gym, bring a friend or find someone else’s score on the board and challenge yourself to beat them. The excitement can add some fun.

Tip #3

Eat a healthy breakfast

They say it’s the most important meal of the day. If you can start your day off on the right foot it can set you in motion for the rest of the day to GET MOVING. Set a time you plan to get your workout in and make smart choices leading up to that time. When it comes around, you’ll feel good and pumped to get your sweat on.

Tip #4

Get a new gym outfit

This might sound silly, but honestly new equipment can make you excited to use it! Treat yourself to a new gym outfit...or maybe just a fresh pair of gym shoes...and we promise you’ll be rushing to the gym to give them a spin. Sometimes it’s the little things.

Tip #5

Look ahead

Some days you might feel tired and unmotivated, but looking ahead to how you’re going to feel after you workout can help. That might be easier said than done, but think about a workout that you powered through and how good you felt after. You will feel like that time and time again.

Here’s a workout from our Made of More Campaign to get you started.

You can find all four missions on our Instagram page if you’re looking for a challenge! Plus, if you complete the challenge and tag us, you can still win an athlete t-shirt!

800 meter run

Then in 15 minutes complete as much work of:

13 rounds:

12 single arm dumbbell burpee alternating snatches

12 yard single arm dumbbell bear crawl

12 dumbbell overhead lunges

At 15 minutes run 1 mile

Then complete the remaining of the 13 rounds

Finish with an 800 meter run

We hope everyone continues to stay healthy and do things to help you continue to feel good. We want to keep motivating you to get to the gym, or even just move in your own way. Whatever works for you, get out there and act, move, and never stop!

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