Something we’re proud of and put a lot of heart into is our fabrics.  We want to deliver the best performance materials so you can perform your best. We have a big background in design and fabric so we wanted to give you a deeper dive into what specifically goes into our apparel.

First and foremost, when we pick the fabrics there are multiple things we keep in mind. At the forefront we always ask ourselves, “How will this fabric perform when being active?”. For our more everyday pieces we keep in mind comfortability for the day to day movement. The second thing we look at are the colors and textures that will enhance the design.

When choosing fabrics, we keep in mind details such as seasonality or different fabric weights. We need to consider things such as, what will drape nice as a certain top, and whether or not the design will be more structured or loose fitting. We consider all these factors during the design process. Once we have the fabrics we like, we start putting them into different categories and color stories, separating them between top and bottom weights.

What makes our fabric different than most is our choosing of high-quality fabrics, which you can see reflected in our retail price. Our fabric supplier is innovative in technology fabric finishes, they also develop technologies for large global active brands, which we have access to. When it comes to textile innovation, we have a chance to work with anti-microbial, silver finishes, moisture wicking, and different 4-way stretch fabrics. Our access to these fabric innovations adds to the bodies we create, which means cool designs and extreme functionality for you, the athlete.

For example, it can go down to even the smallest detail, like our choosing of fabrics that have black lycra in it instead of white lycra so that the coloring stays consistent in whatever range of motion you’re in (such as not being see-through when you squat!).

What’s also cool is that we’re working with new a t-shirt fabric that has Tencel in it so it does not require a chemical finish to have properties such as antimicrobial and anti-odor.

For both men and women, our design and fabric processes are the same with majority of the fabrics coming from the same supplier. We make sure to choose high quality fabrics that can not only perform, but look good on different silhouettes.

While our design and manufacturing is all done in Los Angeles, we do source materials from all over the world. We look for fabric innovation, fabric technology, and fabrics that provide comfort and versatility. That way we are always delivering the best apparel for you to perform your best in.

Act, move, and never stop.


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