People say taking the first step is the hardest, but we believe the one that counts the most is when it gets tough, when you feel like you have nothing left and you’re faced with a choice, do you get up and keep moving or do you back down and let that be the reason you stop?

This is the mentality we are choosing to embody going forward.

This past year has been a crazy one for everyone in the world. While we endured some of those same struggles, we also had something different going on behind the scenes that no one knew about.

The past couple months have taught us a lot about ourselves and where we want to take the brand. Without this struggle, bump in the road, obstacle, whatever you want to call it happening, we might not have learned as much. What we want to share with all of you is that we didn’t give up. We didn’t close up shop and say “it didn’t work”, we propelled ourselves forward. We knew we had something special here. A struggle turned into an opportunity to redefine the brand and give our community something even better. So we took the opportunity to do just that. We ended up having to rebrand from PAINKLLR, to what you see launched last week, KNOWZERO.

Hitting zero is a mentality that can be taken and applied in and or out of the gym. We hope you choose to embrace that mentality through any struggles you may have. We always said we would be honest with our community, so we hope our story inspires our audience.

We live and breathe this.

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  • whydontwe says:

    Failing forward is the best way to grow and, inevitably, a way to come out stronger. Nobody, I mean nobody, is inherently perfect. However, we should and can strive for perfection through grit, hard work, and learning from mistakes.

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