• Alt DB Snatch: Every rep of the dumbbell snatch starts with both heads of the dumbbell on the ground. The dumbbell must be lifted overhead in one motion. A clean and jerk is NOT allowed. Athletes must alternate arms after each repetition and may not alternate until a successful rep is completed.
  • Synchro HS Walks: Athletes must complete HS walks in a synchronized manner. Athletes cannot go ahead for more than 5ft increments. If one athlete falls, both athletes must go back to the closest 5 ft mark. An athlete can’t get too far ahead or you must go back to where the closest athlete is at. 
  • BMU: Must begin with or pass through a hang below the bar, with arms fully extended and feet off the ground. Kipping the muscle-up is acceptable, but pull-overs, rolls to support, and glide kips are not permitted. No portion of the foot may rise above the height of the bar during the kip.
  • C2B: The arms must be fully extended at the bottom. At the top, the chest must clearly come into contact with the bar. 
  • Synchro Wall Walks: The rep begins lying face-down on the floor with chest, feet and thighs making contact with the ground. Important: hands must both be on the taped line. Keep your hands in the same position until you have moved both feet onto the wall. You’ll reach the top of the rep when you’ve walked your hands onto the taped line. The edge of the tape that is CLOSEST to the wall must be in line with the shoulder. Both athletes must be in this position for the rep to be complete. Walk your hands back out and both athletes’ chest must be on the ground with the hands on the tape for the rep to be completed. 
  • Snatch complex: once the athlete picks up the bar, you can’t drop. Low Hang – anything below the knee, can’t touch the floor. Hang – anything above the knee.
  • Burpee broad jump – athletes chest both must touch the ground at the same time on the burpee for the rep to count. Athletes’ feet must pass the 5,6,7 ft mark in order to count. Can jump together or separately, but athletes’ feet must pass the mark. Both feet must leave the ground at the same time and land at the same time. 2 feet takeoff and 2 feet land. If one partner does not clear the jump, both partners need to go back and redo the jump NOT the burpee.
  • OH lunge – athletes knees must both touch the ground at the sam.Pe time / elbows must be completely locked out / no resting sandbag on their heads 
  • Devil’s Press – athletes chest must touch the bag at the same time and the bag must be overhead at the same time with elbows locked out. One athlete is allowed to wait until their partner’s chest hits the floor or for their bag to hit overhead. 
  • Thrusters – arms must both be locked out with bag overhead at the same time for rep to count. Athletes hands must be on any 2 inner handles when squatting and pressing out (athlete cannot hold the bag without the handles and cannot use outer handles) 
  • Push up w/ pull throughs – Athletes chest both must touch the ground at the same time for a synchro push up, bag must clear the athletes body before push up is performed. Athlete cannot push up on top of the bag.



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