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  • Box Jumps: Start with both feet on the ground, do not angle the box or jump on the corner. Two foot takeoff, stepping or jumping off the box is permitted. The rep is counted when both feet are on top of the box; hips and knees are fully extended, with head and shoulders over the hips.
  • Synchro Sandbag Devil’s Press: Chest touches the ground at bottom of burpee. Sandbag must move in continuous motion overhead. No clean and jerk. Rep is complete when the sandbag is overhead with elbows, hips, and knees locked out and over the center plane of the body. Only inner sandbag handles can be used. Outer handles cannot be used. Synchro points are at the bottom of the burpee when both chests touch the ground and when the sandbag is locked out overhead.
  • Sandbag Step Overs: Start with both feet on the ground, do not angle the box or step over on the corner. The athlete must step up onto the box and step down on the other side. Athletes can face the box or move laterally. The rep is counted when the athlete lands on the ground on the opposite side, where they may begin their next rep.  While athlete A is stepping over, athlete B must b holding the back on their shoulders for the rep to count. If athlete B, puts the bag down, the rep will not count.
  • Synchro Sandbag Thrusters: Sandbag starts on the ground. Athlete must hold the sandbag into a front rack position during the squat and move from the bottom of a squat into to a full lockout overhead. A full squat clean into a thruster is allowed if the sandbag is starting from the ground. The rep is counted when the sandbag is locked out overhead, with the hips, knees, and arms fully extended.  Only inner sandbag handles can be used. Outer handles cannot be used. Synchro point is when both sandbags reach lockout position overhead.

As a brand we constantly talk about embracing challenge and challenge comes in many forms. One of them, the unknown.

For the second event, it’s a 6 min time cap with a 2 person worm. Elite, RX & Masters will need to HSW and the scaled division will need to bear crawl. The full workout will be released during the athlete briefing. Stay tuned…

Weights 150/120

  • Drag Rope Double Unders: The rope must pass under the feet twice for the rep to count. Only successful jumps are counted, not attempts.
  • UPDATED – SCALED VERSION OF DRAG ROPE DOUBLE UNDERS: The movement for Scaled is now Drag Rope Single Under Tuck Jumps. The rope must pass under feet once with a tuck jump. Your knees must passs the hips for the rep to count. Reps can be split however between partners. No minimum requirement per partner.
  • Synchro Burpee Broad Jumps: Each burpee broad jump starts with the athlete facing the barbell while touching their chest and thighs to the ground and finishes with the athlete jumping over the required disstance. In the bottom position, the athlete’s hands must on the taped line. Athletes may step or jump in and out of the push-up position. The athlete begins the broad jump with both feet clearly behind the line. A two-foot takeoff is required and both feet must pass the line on the opposite side of the barbell for the rep to be complete.
  • Clean & 2 Jerks:The clean and jerk starts with the weight on the floor and finishes with the barbell fully locked out overhead after the second jerk with the arms, hips, and legs extended, and the bar over the center of the athlete’s body when viewed from profile. The barbell must pass through the front-rack position before going overhead; snatching is not permitted. A muscle clean, power clean, split clean, or squat clean may be used, as long as the barbell comes up to the rack position on the shoulders. The athlete will then take the bar from the shoulder to overhead two times for the rep to be complete. The athlete cannot drop the barbell between the 1st and 2nd jerk.