The most important thing is that you stand back up and climb further than you ever did.

I know zero..  I’ve seen zero too

Ive seen zero ..

I’ve always believed we lived in PR for a good reason and it was. I remember we moved from the Pennsylvania to Puerto Rico when I was little and my mother always said it was for the best. We were going to heal, I was too little to understand at the time but it was from our father that decided to abandon us. I came to understand this after months of seeing my mother in a deep depression. Seeing her at that level of zero and getting back up for the sake of her children marked me but it also showed me a lot at a early age. She is my hero.

I know zero..

I was a teenager when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and it was one of the hardest things to overcome. Seeing my mother in the worst conditions saying she didn’t want to live made me scared, frustrated, mad at the world. I managed to deal with all these issues running. I put my headphones on and ran on a treadmill until I felt better. A couple of years after that I got into bodybuilding in a traditional gym which I spent a lot of my time to keep my mind busy and a few years later I came to know Crossfit and I immediately loved it I worked 2 jobs while studying nursing in college and the rest of my time I was training. It all came down to those hours that all my problems disappeared. This is how I dealt with the death of both of my grandfathers these past years. Training was my therapy until Covid-19 came along and that’s where I knew zero. No therapy (Crossfit) just me and my mind. I spent weeks sleeping and thinking. I was frustrated and I felt I wanted to give up on everything I accomplished. But I remembered the hero that stepped up from zero to raise her children. I slowly started training again with a dumbbell I had, not focusing on anything just to feel better. I slowly started to workout everyday again and I felt different but with a stronger mindset to keep on going and leave all of this behind. I guess it was my time to heal. People can know zero in different type of ways but the most important thing is that you stand back up and climb further than you ever did.

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