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When in doubt


Oftentimes in life you will find conflict between what your body NEEDS & what you FEEL like doing.

SELF-AWARENESS is knowing the difference between those two.

SELF-CONTROL- is making the choice that is ‘less wrong.’

…It’s incredibly easy to get caught up & overwhelmed in all of the different areas of physical fitness that we want to improve.

BUT, the single most important factor to achieving these goals- whatever they may be- comes down to developing the mental game…Not allowing ourselves to get sucked into the tunnel vision of developing just the physical side of everything.

Self awareness & Self control are absolutely essential to LONG-TERM success in not just fitness, but life…Notice I said long term success. I will not argue the fact that some individuals are capable of white-knuckling their way to momentary achievements. But that is not what we’re after.

Not only do these two skills help us have a greater understanding of what our body NEEDS, but also brings us the ability to make the good choices to make sure we’re staying on the path that we want to be on.

Both of these qualities-just like any other skills, can be trained and developed with deliberate training & practice.

Develop your mental game & watch as every aspect of your health and fitness progressively grows in accordance with the mind.

Step numero uno is to identify when the body and mind are in conflict with one another.

-Acknowledging the difference between these two requires honest self assessment

-Something to also point out- ..It is at these moments (during this conflict of mind and body) that we start to see MOTIVATION & DISCIPLINE butting heads.

“There is a choice that I can make that will get me closer to my goals & there is a choice that I can make that will deter me from them.”  …This is what SELF-AWARENESS looks like in practice. Honest self assessment forces you to accept accountability for the actions taken when motivation is nowhere to be found.

SELF-CONTROL is quite simply when you put your ass where your heart wants to be. When you do that, you leave no doubt you’re doing the right (“less wrong”) thing.