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Working out is about far more than hardening the body.

…after-all- the body (no matter how strong) can not go where the mind won't take it.

The time set aside to challenge yourself day in and day out provides you with an opportunity to harden the machinery of your mind so as to better withstand whatever situations life may throw at you.

That hour of sweat & solitude can teach you a lot about what appeals to you-

Do you like shortcuts? …or do you take the hard road that leads to amazing places?

Do you opt for the path of least resistance? Are you going to take the easy way out, if given the opportunity? …or struggle through your journey & become stronger for your efforts?

Do you have the will to persevere when things start getting painful? 

…or do you throw the towel in as soon as the monkeys in your head startin throwing shit around?

Excuses give you reason(s) to: 

stay up late lookin at TV & snooze your alarm  

cut a few reps short, or skip a workout all together

overindulge in cheat meals & booze 

show up only a few minutes late… 

Excuses only let you know it’s OK to be mediocre.

But, start to use your training as a time to beat those internal demons down & win the battles in your head.

Do not allow self pity & excuses to run rampant in your mind and rob you of your potential.

There will always be something or someone standing in the way of your goals & life.

What you choose to do about it is what makes you who you are. The choice is yours and yours only.

When you don’t allow yourself to make excuses, the only option is to hold yourself to a higher standard- a standard that perhaps most won’t understand…

But that’s OK, we aren’t trying to be like most.

Hold yourself to a higher standard.

No excuses.

Growth > Fear