"Yes, this is hard, but YOU ARE STRONGER."

“The most important step isn’t the first, it’s the steps you take when things get tough. That’s how you keep going.”

I’m currently 10 weeks post op from the third foot surgery I’ve had to have in my life. I originally had surgery three years ago, to remove an extra bone that was in my foot. I also had to have tendons reattached and a pin put in. I was on crutches for weeks and wasn’t able to do a lot of activities. I couldn’t work, drive, walk, or workout.

Fast forward to three years later. Since then, I’ve become really competitive in CrossFit. But my foot has always continued to hurt me, every time I ran/jumped/squatted. Anything. It was getting so bad that I was limping every morning.

I found out that my previous surgeon messed up, bad, and I had to find someone new to basically redo the whole surgery (plus some).

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To have another surgery to fix something that someone messed up, is really frustrating and defeating. To know that my fitness, and all of my goals, were going to be put on pause and backtrack, yet again, was heart breaking. I live for this.

Learning to walk, jump, run…all over again, and try to do it safely and at a competitive level, is discouraging. I beat myself up mentally a LOT by comparing myself to what I used to be able to do. I expect myself to be able to perform/move a certain way and when I physically cannot do that, I can only get upset with myself.

But a phrase I heard recently that really stuck with me is, “comparison is only an act of violence against yourself”. The best thing you can do at your lowest point is set goals.

Real, attainable, goals.

Goals you know you can and will fight for. Goals that motivate you to wake up at 4 AM so you can train before and after work. Goals that remind you that you are meant for something greater. Yes, this is hard, but you’re stronger.

I know my zero, I’ve been at my zero, but it’s all up from here

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