Mikail Jenkins

You are stronger than you think.

When you feel like you have nothing left, but you pick up and keep going.” @painkllr

This is a pretty well known feeling within my Crossfit training, this is why certain workouts still haunt me to this day. Because I know how bad it’s going to hurt, but the results to me are always worth it.

Choosing your happiness or chasing your goals, when you know that before you can get there you are going to have to get to zero first is a very scary feeling.

Early last year I went through a divorce.. definitely one of the scariest and most difficult challenges I have ever had to face.

So many factors go into a decision like that, but ultimately to go through with it, I had to choose starting over, being on ground zero, and trusting that I would get through it and become stronger and happier for it.

I was now a single previously stay at home mom, who now needed to figure out this new life on her own while supporting her kids. So I got to work, There was a time during spring and summer of 2019 where I was working 5 different jobs with locations ranging all over Utah. It was challenging, exhausting, but wow I have never felt more liberated and proud! I have grown so much as a person this last year and a half and I have found so much happiness and strength. Pushing through zero is scary, but seeking out zero is even scarier!

As humans we love to stay comfortable, we will go through the steps of a workout but not ever truly push past that comfort zone, We will continue to work at a job that we hate, live in a place we don’t love or stay in relationships we are unhappy in. Because that’s easy, that’s our norm, that’s what we are used to. And starting over at nothing is SCARY! But I promise you it’s worth it, there’s no better growing experience than pushing through when you think that you have nothing left. I promise you always do! You are stronger than you think.

#Iknowzero do you

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