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Growth Playbook

Redefining Limits: How Confronting Fear Leads to Transformation

Change. It’s a word than can evoke excitement in some and terror in others.

For many, the mere thought of stepping out of their comfort zone can create anxiety. It’s much easier to stay comfortable and feed yourself any number of reasons that keep your mind convinced this “safe” space is better for you rather than stepping outside to go after whatever it is you want.

But you’re not locked in from the outside. The lock is inside, in front of you, and the door can be unlocked and opened at any time.

Change is inevitable. From the time we are born, our environment continues to change and we adapt. It starts as necessity in order to survive but somewhere along the lines, people begin telling us change is bad. Change goes from being a catalyst for growth to a catalyst for fear. We seem to forget about everything that made us “grow up” because it becomes “something normal that kids go through” rather than realizing change is a fundamental building block for every bit of growth we have experienced from our first breath.

It’s interesting. It’s almost as if our perspective of Change, changes to either keep us from living our ambitions or it allows us to live them.

The biggest hurdle for most people is choosing change because before they see the benefit, they stop.

Embracing change doesn’t mean diving headfirst into the unknown. It means acknowledging your fears, confronting them, and adapting along the way. It means trusting you have the ability to adjust and building confidence in how you navigate. It means also changing the beliefs you have of yourself and the only way to convince yourself it’s true, is by making those daily deposits.

Everything standing between you and what you want, is you.

Conrad & April – Founders, PAINKLLR®