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Growth Playbook

The GRIT Factor: The Truth About Challenges

It’s a quality that stands as the bedrock of success. It’s a trait that seems to separate those who triumph from the defeated, the resilient from the fragile.

It’s called GRIT.

Most people believe it’s some innate characteristic that we either have, don’t, or to some varying degree – But some lucky few have a level of grit that allow them to overcoming any challenge in their way.

Let’s break that idea down from the start. Grit is not a trait we are born with. It’s not a genetic lottery ticket, or a stroke of luck. Grit is a muscle, and like any muscle, can be developed, strengthened, and refined.

For the majority, it’s easier to say those we know as high-achievers and ‘successful’ must have something the rest don’t, some special talent or factor that sets them apart. However, time and time again, when you look at communities with people who can endure unimaginable odds, we find it’s developed. It’s not a fixed trait determined by genetic make-up. It’s a mixture of upbringing and lived experiences that have developed the skill, the mindset, and way of approaching life.

Again, for those unwilling, it is easier to say that these individuals are different – but we understand it can be cultivated, and it stats with embracing discomfort. We hear this often, but embracing discomfort means embracing failure and embracing the journey of self-discovery and growth.

The road forward is paved with obstacles, setbacks, and challenges. It’s not easy, nor is it the glamorous journey many only show with their end results (and often fabricated results)… but it’s worth every step. Remember, every setback you encounter, every failure you endure, every obstacle you overcome is an opportunity to grow.

And we use the work opportunity because some do not leverage it. They take a ‘failure’ and dwell on the ‘what if’s’ without stepping back to internalize how to use the experience to step move forward better. Seeing the situation, pointing to what went wrong, and playing the ‘what-if’s” is the easy part and where most people end the introspection. But what about understanding what the situation taught you about yourself? Is there a skill that can be developed to make you better equipped to handle a similar situation?

Remember – failures, setbacks, obstacles, challenges, etc., can either be chains to weigh you down or be fuel to the fire when going through a storm.

Grasping and understanding the difference is what makes you gritty. Understanding that our abilities are not fixed, that you have the power to improve, to grow, to evolve into new versions of yourself is key.

In the end, grit is not a destination; it’s a journey – A journey of self-discovery, self-creation, and self-mastery. It’s not about where you start; it’s about the direction you have set for yourself and the way in which you pursue your dreams.

Conrad & April – Founders, PAINKLLR®